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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jeb's Summer 2k8 Playlist

A little while ago I'd gotten a couple of emails basically calling me out on my own musical tastes (on the coattails of posting something about musical elitism). I think I said it then, and I'll say it again, they are pretty varied. What I decided to do, then, was comprise a list of 30 songs of Summer, one for each day of August (retroactive to yesterday). Picking only thirty was tough, I admit, and there are probably some glaring omissions (e.g. Sublime) but, in the meantime, here are some jams, most of them Summer-esque.

1. "Escape" - Enrique Iglesias. This song makes me happy every time it comes on my playlist.

2. "Naive" - The Kooks. Love the British enunciation.

3. "Lean on Sheena" - The Bouncing Souls. "Here we are after dark, knocking back the Maker's Mark..." Could be the Jersey in me, but I love the Bouncing Souls.

4. "Eventually Anyway" - Edna's Goldfish. From my ska-loving days. Still good.

5. "Paper Heart" - The All-American Rejects. This track can be my dirty little secret.

6. "Just a Little Respect" - Erasure. Obviously.

7. "Bizarre Love Triangle" - New Order. Original, or extended dance remix. All-timer.

8. "My Egyptian Grammar" - The Fiery Furnaces. A friend of mine recommended this band to me a while back. Upon first listen I gave it the seal of disapproval, but somehow this track was on my iPod and when it came on I had no desire to turn it off. In fact, I just kept wanting to hear it.

9. "This is Such a Pity" - Weezer. Newish Weezer (from "Make Believe) and for some reason I love this jam.

10. "Apart" - Elkland. I don't think I really like any other Elkland songs, but they've had me with this one.

11. "Trash" - The Whip. Saw these guys at a free concert in McCarren park a couple of weeks ago. I immediately needed this song.

12. "Walcott" - Vampire Weekend. These guys seem not to like Cape Cod, but I dig this song.

13. "Macy Day Parade" - Green Day. Not new and not classic, but I've been feelin' it.

14. "Kids" - MGMT. I admit it, this song still gets me pumped.

15. "The Gambler" - Kenny Rogers. Probably the only Kenny Rogers' song I can name. Great stuff.

16. "Semi-Charmed Life" - Third Eye Blind. Du-du-du-du-du-du-dude I have been listening to this song since probably eighth grade or so. When it gets sunny out, I like to hear this.

17. "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" - Jack Johnson. Every summer needs at least one Jack Johnson song. This summer this is that song.

18. "Under Pressure" - David Bowie & Queen. This song just rules.

19. "Common People" - Pulp. At least one Pulp song needed to be on this playlist and this seemed the right fit.

20. "Goodbye Horses" - Q Lazarus. Okay, maybe this doesn't belong on a summer playlist, but it's summer and I've been listening to this and this is my playlist, so there it is.

21. "Always On My Mind" - Pet Shop Boys. Again, can't have a playlist without Pet Shop Boys. This narrowly edged out "Flamboyant."

22. "Somewhere Only We Know" - Keane.

23. "Ayo For Yayo" - Andre Nikitina. I just like to hear this song any time of year, so why not summer.

24. "Back in The Day" - Ahmad. Summer eventually draws to a close and summer always makes me think of summers past, or what it was like, "back in the day."

25. "The Seed" - The Roots. Just a good song.

26. "Mardy Bum" - The Arctic Monkeys.

27. "Change Your Mind" - The Killers.

28. "Yours to Keep" - Teddybears. Yes.

29. "Hawaiian Superman" - Israel Kamakawiwaole. The deceased artist everyone knows for his "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Medley." RIP.

30. "African Queen" - 2face Idibia. I don't understand how you wouldn't love this song.

If I have time tomorrow or the next day, I'll try to youtube link for song samples. As they say on the posterboard at my old middle school: "Have a Safe and Happy Summer."

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