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our lives. Actually, I'll just be griping a lot which, if you weren't aware,
doubles as a synonym for complaining, and as a descriptor for
a sharp pain in the bowels.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Showdown: Reality TV v. Real Life

Oh shit, remember how originally I said this blog was going to be about griping, well fuckshit here it comes. I don't even watch much reality TV, or TV for that matter and still it is really pissing me off lately. Should I have capitalized "reality?" Probably. Or maybe italics, since it's an affectation of real life. Scripted. What's real anyway right?

Hey, I used to dig Top Chef, I've seen my share of Real [Scripted] World, even watched That 70s House. I'm not spouting off about something entirely without frame of reference. But really, does there have to be a reality show about everything? When did reality TV replace real life as the place for experience? I mean, I like movies, I like books, I like some TV shows, because they allow for exploration of worlds I don't know, worlds that may or may not exist. No gratuitous links to follow because these things are all such known quantities I need not link them to enlighten you.

So what really set it off? Well tonight, at a club called Lumen (a club I know nothing about, because I don't go to clubs generally. No hate, just not my thing, to each his own, etc) the Jersey Shore cast will be in attendance. Or at least "The Situation" and DJ Pauly D. Yes, I've never seen this show and know who these characters are because all most people are talking about these days is Jersey Shore. Pardon me for largely not giving a shit. I did see Sitch and Snooki on Conan, you know, back when Conan still had a show. I hesitate to go there vis Conan since according to some "the ratings don't lie." Oh really? Not going to bother analyzing the nature of comedy, popularity, opinions because, frankly, I am not smart enough, and even my meager analysis would take up a lot of [cyber]space. I am not a regular late night viewer, but I have always liked Conan and his humor. I am not alone in this, and yet I may not be in the majority. That is okay, and perhaps how it should be. The semi-point though, was that I saw these Jersey Shore folks on the show, and I liked Sitch, Snooki just seemed chock full of dopey affectation. Can we not look away? Are you not entertained?

Here I am complaining about the reality TV trend, and I'm doing it on a blog, another American obsession. Like maybe I want people to give a shit about what I'm saying. Well fuck my somewhat hypocritical philosophical conundrum self. I mean, by discussing it am I not perpetuating the very thing I am seeking to see disappear? Too much booze and caffeine, too little sleep.

And again, on humor, I don't laugh at a lot of things that other people do. I get this sense at times that my sense of humor is broken, or something to that effect. But, for real, and I'm sorry if I offend anyone here (am I really?), that old guy on American Idol the other day, was not funny. Yeah, I watched it, because it was all over Facebook. Oh shit, let's not go there right? That guy, was not funny. That is not an opinion this time. Seriously, the other day in improv class we did a singing exercise, and every single moment was funnier than that shit. How many times do we need to hear Randy say, "yo dawg," and have Simon show disgust before enough is enough? I know, if I don't like it, don't watch it. I don't, although I just did. To Simon's credit, he is a marketing genius. He understands people, knows how to promote shit. It is American Idol after all, not "Person who can sing really well," (although as someone who can't, some of them really can). Singer and artist need not be the same thing. Nevermind that Simon is not from the US. Perhaps it is easier to pick us apart from a lens outside.

I've probably posted it before, but to me, this B4-4 vid is gold. And hell, I might have posted this too, but it really got me chuckling again a couple of weeks back when someone mentioned Kanye West's book to me. I like some Kanye tracks, not sure how I feel about Kanye, but this assessment of him is well, amusing. To who? To me.

Please don't think I am riding a high horse. I have never been inclined to the equestrian. I am not judging those that enjoy these things, just acknowledging my own disconnect. Maybe I am the problem. Has the whole world gone crazy, or I am just the crazy one?

As for me, well, I'll just listen to Young Folks for the eighty millionth time atop my throne of mediocrity and live vicariously through my buddy David Duchovny as Hank Moody. This is why I whistle while I walk.

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  1. I myself am not a big fan of "reality" TV. It is not reality, but instead a bunch of people who don't know how to make it as actors, therefore decide to get on a "reality" show. I especially don't see the interest in that Jon And Kate Plus Eight show. I mean, why would someone VOLUNTARILY put their eight kids on reality television, where they all can be eaten alive by the media? This gets under my skin, and the fact that Jon and Kate divorced (or are getting divorced, I honestly can't keep track) just proves that reality TV is bad for everyone. But before I get carried away and make this the size of a blog, I'll just end with: why on earth do people watch those stupid crying shows like that Home Makeover (don't know what it's called exactly) show? I mean, when I watch TV, I like to laugh. Like watching House, I like a show that is humorous and not about real life. Because let's face it, there is nothing "normal" about House or his medical team.
    Okay, now that this comment is nice and long, I'll smack my little fingers 'til they stop typing.


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