There are so many intelligent and articulate people covering the hard-hitting
issues in our country these days, that I felt it was my duty to cover the
rather inconsequential bullshit that tends to make up the vast majority of
our lives. Actually, I'll just be griping a lot which, if you weren't aware,
doubles as a synonym for complaining, and as a descriptor for
a sharp pain in the bowels.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Pledge

No, not that shitty Jack Nicholson movie, my pledge to post here 4 times a month. Here I am, adhering, with the end of April nearing, myself towards several beers veering. I'd rather be heading to Bohemian Napcity because I am a tired MF.

With some curiosity about tall buildings the other day or, to be more accurate, tall structures, I ended up searching for an image of the CN Tower in Toronto, which yielded this delightful result as the third image:

The objects to which the eyes are likely to be immediately directed are a bit large and absurd for my liking, but to each his own. I enjoy that the url for that photo has in it "fake illusion." Isn't being fake part of the nature of being an illusion? Now what isn't an illusion is how good a couple of the articles I read in The Awl this week were. Not that they are from this week, but this week was when I read the. Right. Now any time you discuss how egotistical and nutter Ayn Rand was, I am going to want to read, but the piece is very well put together, connecting her with her old pal Alan Greenspan and the way each informed the work of the other.

The other surrounds a man I've not read much beyond his non-fiction, the late David Foster Wallace. This is a great piece put together by Maria Bustillos after touring UT-Austin's DFW collection. I, like many, am fascinated by this man I did not know, and while I look forward to reading his fiction, I wonder that I might find the efforts to unearth what he was truly like more fascinating. The theory that genius and mental illness are so closely linked and what it even means to be a genius are quite prominent and recurring thoughts in my brain. At any rate, a really really great piece.

Ke$ha just popped on my iTunes, a song called "Dinosaur," that I will not link. I find it difficult to consider these songs are real, by which I mean meant to be taken remotely seriously, but I am always comforted when her tunes pop up because, sometime past, I inadvetently changed the artwork for her album to that of a Norah Jones one. Maybe Norah and Ke$ha can collab to make an album alternatingly (why is that not recognized as a word?) soporofic and sophomoric.

Well, it's time to blow this taco stand. Thanks Chi for the mostly lovely weather today.

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  1. Instead of stumbling upon the pic of the so-so cute big breasted chick, maybe next time try to do so purposely. I can honestly say I appreciate you taking into account my suggestion. This weather has been great, but I'm anxious for the consistent wave of heat which I've been told starts mid May. Can I at least feel like I'm back in Cali, cot damn!


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